The Syscoin platform is gearing up to launch an exciting update: Syscoin 4.2 “Lux” is the latest version of the Syscoin blockchain network nearing rollout, promising new features that will provide users with increased flexibility.

Dan Wasyluk, the CEO of Blockchain Foundry, recently spoke to LODEpay Media to discuss what the upcoming update will entail. He said that the update will change the fundamental model behind Syscoin from an Ethereum-like model to a Bitcoin-like model, optimizing both speed and cost when it comes to conducting transactions.

“This transactional model allows for a certain level of security that isn’t present in…

The LODE Community received great news this week!

On Monday, LODE announced that digital gold (AUX) and silver (AGX) are about to become even more liquid, scheduled to make their debut on the Hotbit exchange in the second quarter of 2021. This will make AGX the first silver-backed stablecoin to go live on a high-volume exchange.

LODE’s assets will be listed on Hotbit, a reputable digital asset exchange platform with a trading volume of over $84.3 million, according to Coin Market Cap. …

On the first day of February, the silver price reached heights it hadn’t seen in eight years, climbing just above the $30 an ounce mark. Just one week after a subreddit group, WallStreetBets, showed the world the power in numbers to move financial markets, the precious metals market received a renewed focus.

David Morgan, the precious metals aficionado and ambassador for the LODE Project, spoke to LODEpay Media to discuss silver’s recent price surge.

“Whether the silver squeeze continues or not now, it will in the future,” he said. “The big picture that I have stressed from day one is…

The LODE Project is excited to announce a rebrand of the AGXPay Wallet to LODEPay!

A recent spike in silver prices gives one longtime mining executive continued optimism towards the metal’s trajectory.

Known for coining the term “triple-digit silver” a few years ago, this well-known mining executive is now keen to see where the metal is headed, jumping above $26 an ounce on Thursday.

“One thing that’s giving me some comfort […] is other people have come out saying the same thing. I’m no longer alone as the triple-digit silver bull,” Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic, told AGX Media this week.

When asked why he coined the term, Neumeyer said one just needs…

David Smith learned the hard way that things are not always what they appear. As a child in the playground, he reached out to shake hands with a companion, surprised to be dealt a sucker punch instead.

“It was very disconcerting, especially if you’ve never had it happen to you before,” he told AGX Media in a recent interview. He recognized soon after that he would need to learn to deal with situations like that with tact. Upon intently training his strength and endurance, he concluded that responding consciously was indeed possible even under pressure.

Now, years later, as a…

2020 a été pour le moins une année transformatrice. Le thème prépondérant a été la persévérance, car le monde a dû s’adapter, collectivement, à une nouvelle normalité en surmontant des défis qui n’auraient jamais pu être pressentis.

Mais surtout, 2020 a été une année de croissance. Une année pour construire, articuler et repousser les limites d’un monde en perpétuel changement en investissant en nous-mêmes… et dans les autres.

Ce fut également une année de croissance pour le projet LODE. Avec une communauté résiliente, en pleine croissance, d’investisseurs en une monnaie saine, LODE s’est engagée à tirer le meilleur parti d’une…

2020 was a transformative year, to say the least. The overarching theme has been perseverance, as the world has had to collectively adjust to a new normal, overcoming challenges that could have never been anticipated.

Most importantly, though, 2020 was a year of growth. A year to build, pivot, and push the boundaries of our ever-changing world by investing in ourselves… and in others.

It was also a year of growth for the LODE Project. With a resilient community of sound-money investors growing, LODE was committed to making the best of a tumultuous year by exploring different avenues for growth.

Desde el inicio de los tiempos, se ha considerado que el oro y la plata tienen valor, pero determinar su costo real ha sido un desafío continuo.

Hoy en día, los inversores buscan en los mercados financieros para determinar los precios al contado de los metales que no reflejan necesariamente el costo real asociado con su obtención.

Por ejemplo, a nivel de consumidor, la plata física no se puede comprar ni canjear a su precio de contado listado, a menos que esté conectado. …

Depuis la nuit des temps, l’or et l’argent sont réputés maintenir la valeur des choses, mais fixer leur coût réel a toujours été un défi.

Aujourd’hui, les investisseurs se tournent vers les marchés financiers pour fixer les prix au comptant des métaux ne reflétant pas nécessairement le coût réel lié à leur acquisition.

Par exemple, pour le consommateur, l’argent physique ne peut être acheté ou échangé à son prix coté, sauf si vous êtes « associé » au marché. Les spéculateurs ont manifesté leur irritation parce qu’ils sont conscients que le métal a été historiquement sous-évalué, voire manipulé.

Rien que…

LODE Project

The LODE Project is a collectively organized community of sound money advocates. The mandate of the community is to restore silver to the monetary system.

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