LIEU — LODEpay, une plateforme mondiale de paiements sur la blockchain qui organise l’or et l’argent pour l’ère numérique, a le plaisir d’annoncer le retour de sa campagne très prisée en faveur de l’argent métal. Le 1er août, date du coup d’envoi de cet événement d’une durée d’un mois, LODEpay doublera les contributions en achetant l’équivalent de l’argent métal acheté au cours de l’événement, contribuant ainsi à retirer le métal précieux du marché et à ramener son prix à sa juste valeur.

Cette campagne fait suite…

With Credit Suisse estimating that retail investors have accounted for a third of all U.S, stock market trading at times this year, the revolution of amateur trading is clearly upon us. But with Robinhood in the news for receiving the largest ever FINRA penalty for outages and misleading customers, is now the time for the ‘retail army’ to look beyond amateur trading platforms? Let’s take a closer look at the rise and potential downfalls of these platforms, and why LODEpay is a viable alternative for individuals looking to grow their wealth.

Robinhood finds his merry men

As lockdowns set in…

With the economic turbulence and industry re-shaping forces of the pandemic still being realized globally, consumers are looking — now more than ever — for new ways to both protect their purchasing power and wealth outside of traditional financial systems. Recent figures released by LODEpay echo this growing trend, proving that many are turning to cryptocurrencies as viable payment alternatives.

A seismic shift in consumer behaviour

The pandemic has created an unprecedented shift in consumer purchasing behaviours and expectations, most clearly demonstrated in the retail industry. Throughout 2020, people sheltering at home relied entirely on eCommerce to purchase essential goods…

Are you a full stack developer or project manager?

Do you want to be part of a revolutionary project that is helping people preserve wealth and protect their hard-earned money?

Then, you’ve come to the right place!

LODEpay — the all-inclusive payments platform that enables businesses globally to process payments using stablecoins, fiat, and precious metals — is looking to hire people to further develop the project.

You can see the full job descriptions below. If you are interested, or know someone who might be a great fit, let LODEpay know.


Senior Full Stack/Backend Developer

The LODE Project is a…


CAYMAN ISLANDS — LODE Global, the bullion management entity and issuer of the precious metals-backed digital assets for the LODE Project, today announced that its silver-backed stablecoin AGX Coin is now trading on Hotbit, a leading exchange with approximately $219,000,000 in daily trading volume. This landmark listing is set to reshape liquidity options for precious metals investors, along with LODE Global’s gold-backed AUX Coin, which has also made its Hotbit debut.

Developed and minted on the Syscoin blockchain platform, AGX and AUX Coins are now among the first metals-backed assets in the world to be listed on a reputable, high-volume…

In the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) report published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it was announced that the CPI had risen, yet again, by 0.6% in May. Even more, the CPI rose 5% year-over-year; “the fastest pace since the summer of 2008,” according to CNBC, in the midst of what is now known as the global financial crisis.

It is important to note here: when the CPI increases, it isn’t governments that are harmed, but rather the general population who is affected most, having to spend more to afford the same lifestyle and maintain the same standard…

While the price gains of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether appear to have cooled down from recent record highs, the age of blockchain-mediated finance is not coming to an end just yet. Instead, attention has shifted towards stablecoins — a different form of cryptocurrency that pegs its market value to real-life assets like fiat currencies or commodities like precious metals such as gold or silver, to name a few.

The stablecoin market is now being lauded as the midway point between cryptocurrency and traditional currency. Eliminating the volatility attached to unbacked digital assets, they are thought to provide a more…

LODEpay is excited to announce its participation at the Southeast Acquirers Association Conference in Bonita Springs, Florida!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the event, which brings together the top vendors, processors, and independent sales organizations in the payments industry. It is also the first in-person payments industry live show in over 15 months.

At the conference, LODEpay will be presenting its suite of merchant, payment, and commerce services to attendees, highlighting the LODEpay digital and cryptocurrency advantage by demonstrating the benefits of our global all-in-one payment platform. …

LODEpay’s Silver Squeeze Week is just three days in and the LODE Community has already purchased 340 ounces in AGX.

Now it’s time to see if we can make it to 500 ounces by May 11th. KEEP SQUEEZING!

Remember, for every 100 ounces of AGX purchased, LODE has committed to purchasing 200 ounces of physical silver supply off the streets. And, LODE will be posting the receipts on May 14th to prove it!

The ultimate goal is to drive the value of silver to where it belongs. Let’s do it together!



Don’t forget, Silver Squeeze Week is on until May 11th. Don’t miss out on the chance to double your contribution to the May silver squeeze.

Keep calm and SQUEEZE on!

The Syscoin platform is gearing up to launch an exciting update: Syscoin 4.2 “Lux” is the latest version of the Syscoin blockchain network nearing rollout, promising new features that will provide users with increased flexibility.

Dan Wasyluk, the CEO of Blockchain Foundry, recently spoke to LODEpay Media to discuss what the upcoming update will entail. He said that the update will change the fundamental model behind Syscoin from an Ethereum-like model to a Bitcoin-like model, optimizing both speed and cost when it comes to conducting transactions.

“This transactional model allows for a certain level of security that isn’t present in…

LODE Project

The LODE Project is a collectively organized community of sound money advocates. The mandate of the community is to restore silver to the monetary system.

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